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Harlow Family Tree

This is concerning the Harlow family as told to me by my Aunt Lula Harlow Felty in her very words and spelling that was written by her.

Solmond Harlow & Marah Rarden were married in Franklin County, Ky. They came to Greenup County in the laste 1800 in covered wagon. They had 12 children 6 sons and 6 daughters. They were Jeff. Frank. Alexander. Jim. Henry and Owen Elizabeth Eliza Martha Sally Tomy and Emma. Jim died at an yong age and was never married. He is burried in Frankfort. Henry also died yong and wasn't married. He is burried in the Riffe Cementry. Jeff married Mary Elen Halemton (they had 7 children 4 sons and 3 daughters, Harvey Earnest David and Bill. Bulah Eula & Neamo. He married Maggie Flake and they had 9 children 3 sons and 6 dauters Letha Violet Essie Betty Carrie & Stella. Frank married Maggie Masters and they had 3 sons & 3 daughters. Emmert Leslie & Marion. One daughter died at burth the oldest. Lula & Ruby Alexander married Mary Compton and had 10 children 5 sons & 5 daughters. Melvin Owen Santford Jack & Charles. Daughters were Manda Marah Maggaline Bessie & Lara Bell. Owen married Ollie Dillow and had 9 children. 3 sons and 6 daughters. The daughters were Emmie. Blanchie. Alice Marie Marry & Carrie. The sons were Clide Stanley and Finley. Elizebeth was married to Jim Snow they had 2 children 1 son and 1 daughter Elsie & Clide. Eliza died in infancy. Sallie married Danial More and had seven sons & 3 daughters. Haskell Meevin John Henry Edger and twins Harrie & Arril. They daughters were Grace Marik & Blanchie. Martha married Marion Ash and they had 3 children 2 sons and one daughter Walter Ike & Pearl. Tomy married Jack Ash and they had 7 children two died in infancy. 3 sons Marion Clifford & Woodville 2 daughtrs were Maroda & Bonnita. Emmie married Jim Austin and had 4 daughters one died at burth and the twins Martha & Alice Cinthy.


Mariah Rarden Solomen Harlow

My great grandfather, Solomon, was a corporal in the Civil War. I have no more information on who his parents are. If you do, please E-mail me.