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Floyd Family Tree

Thomas Floyd came to Greenup County Kentucky from Virginia approximately in 1847. His son, Hickman Floyd and his wife, Ellen Colley Floyd. Also with them was David Colley and his wife Spicey Floyd Colley. Spicey and Hickman was brother and sister. David and Ellen were brother and sister. Hickman's family came also…. David, Sarah, Thomas, William, Elizabeth, Hickman Jr., and Ellen. Martha was born in Kentucky. Sarah was the 2nd oldest, she brought with her, her husband to be Charles Felty. They were married in Greenup County, Kentucky October 26, 1848.

Some have said Thomas Floyd was kin to Col. John Floyd surveyor of Kentucky and the county of Floyd was named after. John and Thomas both came from the same part of Virginia, Washington County. I have not been able to prove this but I am still working on this.

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