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When the ship Royal Union, Commander Clement Nicholson, sailed from Rotterdam Germany on a summer day in 1750, Henrick was a passenger. He arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 15, 1750. Two years earlier on September 15, 1748, Peter and Bastian Felty had arrived on the ship Two Brothers from Rotterdam. On October 6, 1767 another Henrick Felty arrived from Rotterdam on the ship Hamilton Charles Smith Commander.

From one of these early settlers came the line of Felty's who came to Kentucky. Nicholas was born in Germany or Pennsylvania probably about 1760-1765. His son Peter was born in Pennsylvania in 1782. By 1787, Nicholas had moved down the Shenandoah to Wythe County, Virginia. That year he purchased a twenty-acre tract of land on the north side of Sally Run, a fork Reed Creek in Wythe County, Virginia. (Survey Book "D", p. 554)

In 1800, the Lutheran community in Wythe County felt the need for a church. St. John's Lutheran Church was built, and Nicholas was a subscriber to the fund.

The 1810 census shows that at the time Nicholas had two girls under 10, two boys and two girls between 10-16, four boys between 16-26, on female between 26-45, and two persons over 45.

John, son of Nicholas, was a subscriber to the purchase of an organ for St. John's Lutheran Church in 1816.


Joseph had purchased property in Greenup County, Kentucky by 1868.

Charles Felty married Sarah Floyd in Greenup County, Kentucky on October 26, 1848. By 1870, Simon had settled in Carter County, Kentucky and Nicholas was living at Honeywell Furnace on July 13, 1870. All these Felty's are progeny of Nicholas Felty who came to Wythe County, Virginia by 1787.

Charles Felty and Sarah Floyd had five sons and one daughter. His youngest son married Phebe Stephens December 1, 1887 in Greenup County, Kentucky.

George Felty and Phebe Stephens had five sons and one daughter. Their eldest son, William Walter Felty married Anna Laura Meadows on December 10, 1910 in Greenup County, Kentucky.

William Walter Felty and Anna Laura Meadows had two sons and one daughter. Their youngest son was Greenville Jackson Felty who married Ruby Thomas Harlow on December 22, 1932.

Greenville Jackson Felty and Ruby Thomas Harlow had six sons and four daughters. The youngest is I, William Ronald Felty.

George and Phebe Felty


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I need help, I need any information on David C. Felty

Born ABT. 1850 in Greenup County

Married Dec 8, 1886 in Carter Co, to Nettie Banfield

I have his mother and father, but he seemed to disappear off the face of the earth?